Sensational Substitutes LLC is a company that helps place exceptional substitutes in the classrooms of childcare centers when the primary teachers are not available. We work with a team of motivated and qualified substitutes who love working with young children. We offer a pool of substitutes who are fully screened and qualified then we match them with childcare facilities of all sizes. We can meet your staff coverage needs of planned and unplanned absences in short notice. Our substitutes are available for on demand coverage for one or more days at a time. It is our goal to help child care centers have dependable access to on-demand child care staff and eliminate some of the their biggest worries. Find out more about the advantages of partnering with us.

Some of the primary goals of Sensational Substitutes LLC is to help child care center administration:

  • Easily stay in compliance with staff-to-student ratios
  • Easily adjust the size of their staff to match fluctuating enrollment
  • Avoid administrative and payroll headaches
  • Switch-out under-performing staff with ease
  • Avoid having to sub in the classroom themselves
  • Reduce turnover by not overworking their staff
  • Save on payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and benefits costs

SENSATIONAL SUBSTITUTES LLC substitutes are fully knowledgeable of all state licensing requirements and undergo rigorous screening before being placed on substituting assignments . Our substitutes always meet or exceed state licensing requirements and carry the documentation to prove it with them on every assignment.

Do any of the below situations seem familiar to you?

  • One of your employees calls in sick that morning
  • A planned vacation is coming up for an employee
  • An employee’s maternity leave is approaching
  • An employee has an emergency family issue and can’t come to work
  • You would like to send one of your employees for training for a day or two
  • One or more of your employees leave unexpectedly
  • You urgently need to hire people, but cannot afford the time and expense of placing ads, interviewing candidates, and waiting for background check results
Please partner with us and let us provide your substituting needs with one of our cropped-website1.jpg